Please read through these before contacting us. If you do not see your question, please email us at enchantedbookbox@gmail.com.

When is the next months theme released?

We release the theme between the 11th-15th of every month.

When do the boxes shipped?

Boxes ship around the 3rd weekend of every month unless one of the products are delayed.

When will I be able to purchase next months box?

The 3rd Monday of every month until the end of the month as long as they're not sold out.

I ordered a box this month, when will I get it? 

If you ordered a box at the end of the month that means your box will ship the middle of the next month. Ex. I ordered a box May 15 when the new theme was announced. That means you ordered June's box and it will be shipped in June.

I cancelled my order, why was I charged? 

When you cancel your order and you have a subscription, you are only cancelling the renewal not the actually order. If you wish to cancel an order please contact us to learn how.

I received the same book in another box, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we can not give a refund if this occurs.

I bought a box but no longer want it, can I get a refund?

We will refund the order 3 days after purchase, no later.

I just want to test out the box, do I have to get a subscription?

No, we always release a certain amount of one time boxes every month for you to try before subscribing. These are located in our shop section.

Will the box include a new release/hardback?

We can't guarantee every month will include both.

What will next months book be?

The book will always be a young adult book, but the book itself will be kept a surprise.

How many items will be in each box?

Each box will include 5-7 items that go along with that months theme.

Why is the shipping so expensive?

The boxes tend to be 3 pounds and at the moment the current shipping price is as low as we can get it.

Why don't you ship to my country?

The shipping price is so expensive that we aren't able to ship to your country. But, if you're still interested in purchasing a box please contact us.